The Blackout

I have a friend who likes to get blackout-drunk when he drinks, and hit on skanky girls. We were out at a bar one night, and he was stumbling all over the place, hitting on these really ugly girls, but they were all blowing him off. Then he meets this butch lesbian couple that tell him they’ve been thinking of having a threesome with a man for a while. We plead with him to reconsider, but he leaves with the girls anyway. The next day he doesn’t answer his phone, and we get worried so we drive over to visit him. He’s not at home. We spend the next few hours driving around trying to find him. Eventually we find him wandering down the road near his house. His wallet and underwear are gone, his pants are ripped down the center and his ass is hanging out. He still looks drunk, and he has a black eye and lipstick on his dick. To this day he won’t tell us what happened.

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