The Blond Goddess

This is the story of perhaps the worst sexual activity I’ve ever been subjected to. But it was also with the hottest girl I’ve ever been with, and in a public place. So despite how awful it was, I still keep this memory active in the spank bank. Although when I replay it for spanking purposes, I make it a lot better. Here’s the unedited version.

It begins when I’m traveling on a flight by myself. I get to the airport late thanks to traffic, and so I miss my flight. The next flight is 8 hours away, so I’m forced to spend the entire day in the airport. I end up having a few beers and some food in one of the restaurants. Then I check out some magazines in one of the book stores.

It was around this time that I notice this absolutely gorgeous woman looking in my direction. She has long straight blond hair, with green sunglasses resting on top of her head, and these really big earrings. She looks maybe a little older than me. Dressed corporate though, which means she probably makes a lot more money than me.

It’s intimidating enough for a guy to try to date a girl that’s outside his league, attractiveness-wise, let alone income-wise.

She has on pink-ish lipstick. She is tan, and wears a short skirt and a blouse. And she is hot. Seriously… HOT!

When I look at her, she looks away.

Now, I really doubt she was checking me out or anything. At the time, I think she must just be looking in my direction randomly. But then again, when you have a few drinks in you, anything that a girl does is a come on. Also, the alcohol gets you feeling a little cocky, and so even though I never would have been able to talk to a girl like this normally, I walk over and say “Hello”.

Much to my surprise, she says “Hello” back, and we actually start up a conversation.

What’s funny is that if she were not so attractive, I probably wouldn’t be talking to her right now, and I certainly wouldn’t be as calm about it. In my head, I don’t really believe she’s interested in me. She must just be bored and too nice to tell me to get lost. So yeah, I’m talking to her and making her laugh, but honestly, I don’t really believe I have a shot with her. And so I’m not nervous at all.

After some casual chit chat and some bad jokes, she somehow mentions her flight and I realize that she was actually supposed to be on my flight. You know, the flight I missed. Yeah well, she missed it too. And so, just like me, she’s stuck at this airport all day.

I think this is the bonding point, because after finding this unusual commonality, it suddenly becomes like an instant-date. It’s never said aloud, never spoken, and never formally agreed upon, but we both seem to decide to spend the day together.

We browse the duty free store together, where we try on ridiculous hats and she takes pictures of us doing funny poses. Then we head to the food court, where we grab some bagels and play some cards. I cheat for a bit until she catches me, and then she makes me tell her about my past girlfriends as punishment.

We really do spend the day on an airport date together.

Eventually we find some seats near our gate and while we wait for our plane, we watch all the other travellers and try to guess what everyone’s job and life are like.

It’s at this point that our hands accidentally touch. And I guess she likes me, because she casually takes my hand.

So here I am, an average looking schmo, who normally would never even dare talking to a woman this hot, and this Blond Goddess is gently holding my hand and hanging off my every word. I know I’m in. I know I have to do something. But I have no idea what.

I can see that they’re getting ready to call the passengers onto our flight. I run through a million scenarios in my head, the dirtiest stick out. I think of asking her to come to the bathroom with me.

Would that be too forward? Would she be offended? Surely a girl like this wouldn’t have sex in an airport washroom... and what if she misses her flight because of it! She definitely wouldn’t risk missing two flights in one day... would she? Okay so the safer option: swapping phone numbers...

Unfortunately, I don’t really get a chance to do anything, because while I’m busy running through possible scenarios in my head, they start calling passengers on the plane.

We had already figured out that we weren’t sitting together, and her row gets called up before mine. When it does, I expect her to be disappointed. I expect her to not want to go. I expect her to offer to swap numbers or find a way to swap seats on the plane or suggest we go fuck in the bathroom.

But none of that happens. Much to my surprise she stands up, turns politely to me and says, “Today was fun. It was nice meeting you.”

Exit Blond Goddess…

I sit there and smile and watch her leave. All I can think in my head is “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!!”


I get on the plane, smile awkwardly at her as I walk by her in the aisle, sit down and sigh. The flight crew go through all their safety stuff, and pilot gets on the speaker and says some things. We put on our seat belts, the plane takes off, and I settle into a nice, depressing funk. I lay back in my seat, close my eyes, and just sulk.

About half way through the flight however, I feel a tap on my arm and open my eyes. It’s the Blond Goddess! My heart jumps. Maybe I have a shot after all!

I start to ask her for her number, “Hey maybe sometime we could-“ but she turns and keeps on walking.

I lean into the aisle to watch her. She gets to the bathrooms, stops, and then looks back at me. She smiles, points at the washrooms, and then goes in.

This is the shit you see in movies...

I lean back in my seat. “Am I supposed to go over there?” I wonder.

Now I know you people reading this are thinking, “Are you crazy, of course she wanted you... you should’ve ran into that washroom!” But put yourself in my shoes. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if she didn’t want you to follow her in. I mean that’s pervert-stalker shit if you do. But then again, you guys know this story is about sex, and so you know she wanted me to follow her.

It takes me a minute or two, but I finally take a deep breath and unbuckled my belt and head back.

When I open the door, I step in quickly and she pushes it shut behind us. Immediately she mashes her lips on mine and we start making out violently.

She’s biting my lip and pushing her tongue in my mouth. I fight back. I push her up against the wall and hold her arms back. When she hits the wall there is a loud “thump”, and she breaks our embrace for a moment to “shhh” me.

I nod.

It feels like I’m back in high school again, trying to have sex while mom and dad are upstairs. If I’m too noisy, I’ll get caught.

As we make out, my shirt comes off, and her skirt comes down. Then her blouse comes off. Then her bra. Once the bra drops, I am all over her tits like a starving monkey sucking an orange.

She keeps closing her eyes, throwing her head back, and biting her lip. I can tell she’s trying not to scream.

In my head I keep thinking over and over “Holy shit! Holy shit! This girl is HOT! HOLY SHIT!!!”

I seriously cannot believe that I’m scoring with a girl like this, in a bathroom like this, on a plane like this!

After a while of satisfying her tits, she pushes me back. “I want to make you feel good,” she whispers as her hand moves to my crotch.

I smile and lean back.

She works my pants off and then pulls my cock out of my underwear.

The whole “Holy shit!” thing is still swimming around in my head, more than ever now in fact.

I will relish this blow job!

Only... I don’t get a blow job.

She starts pulling on my dick, slowly at first, and whispering in my ear, “Do you like that? Do you like that?”

I nod.

“Mmmmm, good,” she purrs.

She’s pulling at my dick and it feels good. And then she tugs again, and again, and well... she keeps tugging.

I’m thinking, “Yes... yesss... ow... ye-ow!... Ow! OW!”

As she pulls she gets rougher and faster. In fact, the more she pulls, the less it feels like ecstasy and the more it feels like pain!

“Easy girl, easy. Wet your hands, it’s too rough.” That’s all I need to say.

If I had spoken those exact words, this would be the hottest story of my life. But I don’t.

I keep thinking of saying it. I try opening my mouth to tell her. But I just can’t. I just can’t critique this hot girl’s hand job technique.

Maybe I’m just so grateful to be with a girl like this, but I just take it.

And the more I tell her I like what she was doing, the more I couldn’t backtrack and tell her to do it all different.

I am digging myself into a painful, painful sexual hole.

Tug, tug, tug!


It’s a rare thing when a guy doesn’t want his penis touched anymore, but I’m proof it happens. And at that moment, I really don’t want it touched anymore.

She’s kissing my neck and trying to pull my dick off at the same time. I can’t process it all!

I start biting my lip, trying not to scream out in agony.

“Focus on the kissing,” a voice is telling me. “She’s so fucking hot and she’s got her hands all over your penis!” But somehow, that second thought isn’t a sexy thought. In fact, it is the opposite of sexy.

“She’s got her hands all over your penis! FUCK! She’s got her HANDS all over your PENIS and she’s going to fucking rip it off!”

She keeps tugging, and tugging. I grunt a bit, trying to hold back the screaming. She mistakes my expression. “Oh don’t you cum yet... you love it don’t you!”

She starts making out with me. I can’t even make out back. I moan a bit more and she just smiles.

Tug, tug, tug!!!

I’m shaking. She is so rough! SO ROUGH!

It’s feels like someone was grabbing me by the dick and started lifting me up by it!

I wonder how much longer I can keep this up, and more importantly, how to get her to stop... I’m not convinced that I’m even aroused anymore. I think my dick is only erect because she’s pulling it taught.

I know I can’t correct her technique, so instead, I try to think up a way to cum!

I try think of having sex with past girlfriends, of hot celebrities bent over my desk with me pounding them from behind, of the hottest girls I knew coming over to my house in the dead of night and doing lesbian shit right in front of me, but nothing works!

She is grinding me and pulling my dick, and I start thrusting with her in some vain attempt to make it feel good, but nothing can help at this point.

My hands are involuntarily clenched on the toilet seat. I think maybe if I could play with her tits or something I could shift the focus back to her, or maybe it would get me off. Maybe I could finger her or something. But I can’t get the tension in my hands to go down at all. I just can’t move them.

I’m not in a normal head space anymore. The only thing in my head is, “My dick is going to be fucked! I’m going to have to see a fucking doctor after this! Oh god my dick is fucked!”

Tug, tug, tug!!!


She keeps moaning and kissing and tugging and I keep trying not to cry.

Then, in the most painful moment, it happens: turbulence.

All of a sudden, the plane must have flown through a goddamn tornado, because we start bouncing all over the place, really hard and fast. And she fucking keeps jacking me off while it happens!

It’s like some kind of nightmarish rodeo, where I am the bull and she is riding me with my dick as the reins.

I can’t fucking contain myself anymore: I scream out in pain!


She thinks I’m cumming, and starts pulling harder and longer.


She pushes me back, locks lips with me and finally releases me from her vice-like grip. She kisses me violently, and I just take it, too weak to do anything else.

She’s giggling and panting, “God... I can’t believe we just did that,” she whispers in my ear, as she gives it a gentle nibble.

I nod and try to touch my dick. It stings!

She kisses me again, and then tells me that she’s never done anything thing like that before.

“I hope you never do anything like that ever again,” I say on the inside. But on the outside, almost out of sheer instinct, I smile and tell her she was amazing.

And that’s it.

As we start to get ourselves organized again, she realizes I actually hadn’t cum. It feels a bit like that scene in There’s Something about Mary. She checks her hands, my pants, her dress, her hair. This puzzles her.

I’m kind of dizzy, and don’t really know what to say. When I open my mouth the words “I have a vasectomy” come out.

She gives me a justifiably confused look. Why would a single 20-something guy have a vasectomy? It’s a lame excuse, but I don’t care at this point. I feel nauseous, dizzy, and I am ready to pass out.

“I’m going to go out first,” she tells me. “Wait about 15 minutes before you go.”

I nod and gently tuck my injured warrior back into my pants. I’m careful not to let him even contact the zipper. I was right too, he hasn’t been erect for quite a while. He feels like an over-used Stretch Armstrong, longer than he should be and clearly worn out.

She gives me her card and tells me we need to finish what we started.

“Call me,” she winks, and then she kisses me on the cheek and leaves.

I sit there for about 45 minutes. I don’t know if I can even stand. I briefly wonder if this counts as joining the Mile High club.

Eventually the plane lands, and I’m careful to make sure that I don’t bump into her on my way out of the airport.

I never did call the goddess. I almost did a few times. I had the phone in my hand and started dialing her number. I kept thinking, “Fucking her will be amazing. So what if she nearly pulled your dick off?” But I just couldn’t do it. I hung up every time. Just the sheer thought of messing around with her sent a shiver into my cock.

I wasn’t convinced I could get it up with her if I saw her again.

To this day, I’ve never scored with a girl as hot as the goddess. I don’t know if I ever will again. She’s the type of girl that a guy sees briefly in the distance, and she finds her way into his fantasies that night. And for me, having seen her in her underwear, sucked on her tits, and had her play with my dick, I wouldn’t be able to not masturbate while thinking about her sometimes.

So now and then, when my cock is getting rubbed, I think about her. It’s just, I make sure that I’m the one rubbing my cock when I do.

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