Sneaky, Naughty Sex

Things are better when they’re forbidden. It’s just a fact of life.

They say that people want what they can’t have.

Drinking is more fun when you’re underage. Girls love bad boys. Actors want to be rock stars and rock stars want to be actors. Teenage boys want MILFs and men want barely legal coeds. And of course, there’s just something about having sex with someone you’re not supposed to, in a place you’re not supposed to, in front of people you’re not supposed to.

A friend once told me that he had sex with his girlfriend at a sleepover, when all his friends were sleeping around him in sleeping bags.

I told him I could do better.

In the summer, the unit of time is not minutes, or hours, or days, or weeks, or even months. The unit of time is parties. Life becomes judged based on parties.

The McDonalds run where Sarah puked on the drive-thru speaker: that was the 4th party of the Summer. The time that Josh and his girlfriend got into an awful fight in the living room at a house party, and everyone else ended up huddled on the patio to wait it out: 7th party. The party where everyone got sick from eating marijuana brownies because my friends cooked actual marijuana leaves into the brownies: 3rd party. And the time of Truth or Dare and the sneaky, naughty sex: 8th party of the summer.

It’s funny how so many innocent childhood activities can suddenly become highly sexually charged when you’re an adult: wrestling, tickling, Twister, piggybacks, and of course, Truth or Dare.

There were five of us for this particular party. Besides myself, there was Greg and Scott, two of my friends from work; Sarah, a friend of mine from school with a sarcastic but cute demeanour; and of course, the girl without whom, this story would not exist: Jill.

Jill was the type of girl that would never let you be bored. She was spontaneous and easy going. She had a smile and a laugh that could just light up a room. And try as you might, it was almost impossible to have an awkward moment with her, no matter what you ever said or did.

She was also one of the cutest and quirkiest friends I had at the time.

Jill was a tall, slender brunette. She wore her hair in a pony tail all the time, and somehow that just made her sexier. Being slender, she had naturally small breasts, but they were always perky, which somehow fit with her personality. And her ass was a little bigger than you might expect for her physique, but big in a good way, if you know what I mean.

Jill was a sexy cutie. And she was just a friend.

Jill and I had always casually flirted, but nothing really ever came of it. I guess it was the kind of flirting that was borderline brotherly-sisterly rivalry. It was subtly sexual, but usually more friendly and fun focused.

If you asked me now why I never really looked at Jill as anything more than a friend, I couldn’t tell you. Maybe I’d just known her for too long. For most of the time that I’d known her, I had a girlfriend in some way, shape, or form, so maybe that was an issue too. But even after I became single, it just never clicked in my head that our flirting meant anything more to either of us than friendly banter.

Whatever the reasons for our asexual relationship, everything changed the night we all played Truth or Dare.

We all meet up in Sarah’s basement, because her parents are away. Greg and Scott show up with a few cases of beer. We all crack open a bottle and toast to the color purple. So begins our party.

A few hours in, everyone is drunk. We’re being stupid and silly. People are making bad jokes and fools of themselves. People are getting laughed at and laughed with. We do a round of shots. It doesn’t help matters.

The entire party, Jill and I have been flirting with one another.

She steals my beer, I steal her seat.

She sits on my lap, I tickle her.

She tickles me back, I lift her over my shoulder.

She pinches me, I slap her ass.

Okay, so maybe it is a little more than just casual flirting.

It’s around this time that someone suggests we play a game.

“What should we play?” I ask.

Greg suggests Kings.

“We already played that,” Sarah complains.

“So what?” Greg retorts.

“I can’t do another drinking game,” she moans.

“Never Have I Ever?” Scott suggests.

“I don’t know,” Greg whines.

I’m about to support the Never Have I Ever suggestion when suddenly Jill shouts, “Truth or Dare!”

We all look at each other.

Truth or Dare is one of those games that everyone plays, and everyone accepts as just an innocent, fun game; but secretly, implicitly, everyone understands what it really is. No one who plays Truth or Dare will deny that within one or two turns it becomes highly dirty and sexual.

It’s funny how so many innocent childhood activities can suddenly become highly sexually charged when you’re an adult...

We all casually shrug or agree to play, trying our best not to appear too enthusiastic.

“I guess,” I say nonchalantly.

“Whatever,” Sarah adds.

Greg shrugs.

“Great!” Jill throws an empty beer bottle on the table and spins it. It hits Sarah.

The game starts innocently enough. Sarah’s first dare is a hand stand. She uses the wall to prop herself up, but neglects to tuck her shirt in before she does, so we all get a flash of her bra.

Greg get’s hit next and picks truth. He ends up telling us about the gayest thing he’s ever done. I won’t repeat it here, for Greg’s sake. Suffice to say that, later in the game, when Sarah dares Greg to lick Scott’s face, that isn’t the gayest thing Greg has ever done.

Next it hits Scott, and he ends up having to go outside and scream into the night that he has the hots for Orlando Bloom. At first we think it’s kind of an easy dare, until we hear someone in the night shout back, “You’re a homo!”

And so the game goes.

People tell us who their crushes are, the worst thing they’ve done in a relationship, what sexual act is their least favourite, how many people they’ve fucked, and the last time they got laid.

People do handstands and push ups. Greg and Scott trade shirts; then Greg and Sarah.

Greg sitting there in a girl’s V-neck shirt, tightly accentuating his upper body, this still isn’t the gayest thing Greg’s ever done.

Then the girl-on-girl kiss, a staple to every true game of Truth or Dare. The retaliation is Greg licking Scott’s face. I moon the group one dare later.

We all try our best to humiliate or embarrass each other when we get the chance with the most embarrassing truths and dares we can think of.

It’s around this time that I get a dare from the next level: “Take off your pants.”

“Whoa!” Greg exclaims. “I don’t want him to do that one. I already had to see his ass tonight.”

“Yeah,” Scott agrees.

“Oh come on,” Sarah whines. “I had to kiss Jill. Drop your pants!”

I start to protest, but Sarah and Jill team up against me. “Do it!”

I sigh, “What’s the truth?” as I consider taking the truth instead of the dare.

“There is none,” Jill states.

“What?!” I exclaim. “You can’t do that!”

“I just did,” she grins widely.

Sarah shrugs, “She said it.”

I huff. I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed, but I’m drunk and tired and so I bargain: “I’ll take off my pants but I get a blanket to cover up with.”

“I don’t know...” Sarah replies unconvinced.

I shrug, “Well that’s the best you’re going to get.”

“You have to play the rest of the game without pants,” Jill tells me.

“I will,” I promise, “but I get the blanket.”

They both look at each other and then nod.

“Ok fine,” Sarah agrees. “Now drop your pants.”

Greg and Scott both shield their eyes. Jill and Sarah are watching me intently with schoolgirl-grins across their faces.

I reluctantly drop my pants.

“Tell me when he’s wearing the blanket,” Greg asks the girls.

“He’s wearing the blanket,” Jill teases.

“I don’t believe you!” Greg stammers.

I stand there in my boxers and kick my pants away. “Can I have a blanket now?”

Sarah laughs and tosses me a blanket. I wrap it around my waist like a towel and sit back down on the couch.

I spin the bottle and it lands on Jill. She picks dare.

Sweet revenge.

I smirk, “Drop your pants.”

“What?!” she exclaims.

“Yeah!” the guys both hoot in support.

“Come on,” she whines.

“Yeah we just did that dare,” Sarah adds.

“Hey! I did it,” I remind her.

“Sarah made you take off your pants though! Not me!” Jill argues.

“Yeah,” I reply with a cocky grin. “That kind of sucks that you’re getting punished for it. Well, off with ‘em.”

Sarah is laughing.

The guys are nodding in agreement with me. They just want to see Jill in her panties.

Jill rolls her eyes, “Fine!” Somehow I was expecting more of a fight. “But I’m using that blanket too!”

“I can live with that,” I say.

Sarah nods, “It’s fair.”

Jill slips out of her jeans. This time the guys don’t shield their eyes. She takes longer to get out of her pants than I did because her pants are far tighter. She wrestles to get them down and kick them off.

Once pantsless, she holds out her arms and spins around, giving everyone a full view. She’s wearing cute pink undies that hug her ass.

“Happy?” she asks.

“Could we get one more turn around?” Scott asks.

Jill shoots him an unimpressed look. Guess that’s a “No”.

We’re all laughing. Sarah is shaking her head, no doubt unimpressed with our horny male gawking.

“Okay, good enough,” I tell her.

Down to her underwear, Jill pulls up the blanket I’m huddled in and sits down beside me.

“We’re now officially frenemies,” she informs me.

“What’s that mean?” I ask.

“It means, you better hope that bottle doesn’t land on you when I’m spinning it.” She slides in close to me, and I come to feel her soft, naked legs against mine.

“I’m terrified,” I reply sarcastically.

Jill just grins.

The game continues.

Jill and I fight over the blankets at different points. The guys keep making snide and sarcastic remarks about hand jobs under the covers. We just laugh it off. It’s innocent flirting right?

A few more turns go by, and at some point, Jill reaches under the blankets and pinches my leg. I slap her hand and pinch her’s for retribution.

“Hey! What’s going on under there?” Greg snaps.

“Under where?” Jill smiles.

“Har har,” Greg laughs sarcastically.

Sarah giggles.

“How long have you been waiting to use that gem?” I ask her.

“Since I got under here,” Jill winks.

“Behave you two,” Sarah tells us.

“She’s just pinching me,” I say.

“No foreplay?” Scott asks.

“I wish,” I say sarcastically.

“Awww,” Sarah pretends to be sympathetic.

The pinching has stopped, but I notice that Jill’s hand is still resting on my leg, having never been withdrawn after the pinch. So I leave my hand resting on hers. Her leg is so soft and smooth and well, naked.

I’ve flirted with Jill thousands of times before. We’ve cuddled and tickled and pinched each other more times than I can count. But this is the first time that we’ve ever touched each other’s naked thighs. And I know it sounds totally grade-eight-ish of me, but something changes at that point.

I think that this was the exact moment that realized there was actually something between us.

She shoots me an unusual smile.

I smile back.

The game progresses, and Scott gives the bottle a spin. It comes to rest on Jill.

Scott smiles. “Make out with JD.”

Jill looks over at me awkwardly. I’m giving her the same awkward look. In unison, our hands withdraw from one another’s thighs.

Somehow, despite the chemistry we both were feeling, being forced into it is not how we want it to happen.

“I don’t know,” I tell her.

“Yeah,” she agrees. “What’s the truth?”

Scott laughs, “There’s no truth on this one.”

Sarah rolls her eyes, “We should just start calling this game Dare.”

“There has to be a truth!” Jill protests.

“Nope,” Scott says smugly.

“Give her a truth man,” I tell him.

“Hey, I’m trying to help you out here man!” he exclaims.

“Okay, okay... what about another dare?” I offer.

Scott thinks for a minute. “Okay... well, straddle him then.”

Jill looks at me again. I shrug on this one. “Whatever.”

“Reverse cowgirl?” she asks. “So I can still see everyone and play the game?”

“Sure,” Scott nods.

Jill shrugs. So do I.

“Well if you’re okay with it...” she starts.

“You’ve sat on my lap plenty before,” I say casually.

Jill lifts up the blanket and crawls on top of me. She turns her ass to face me and then positions herself over my lap and leans back. I’m just casually slouching not really paying attention, when suddenly I feel a jab.

“Ow!” I mumble under my breath. I sit up for a second.

“Sorry,” she whispers, as she looks at me over her shoulder. She pulls her ass back up and repositions.

I look up at her with a shocked face and realize what just happened.

I guess I was too drunk, or too distracted, or too tired. I didn’t notice until just now, but I’ve got a fully erect hard on. I’ve got a fully erect hard on and Jill just sat on it!

She gives me a mix of an apologetic and naughty look. With panicked, wide eyes, I look up at her. If I had realized I had a hard on I never would’ve agreed to this dare. Luckily she’s holding the blanket up, hiding this all from everyone else in the room.

She grinds her ass into my erect member and smiles at me. I instinctively put my hands on her hips and guide her, pulling her in tighter. My dick flips up into her ass crack.

Holy shit...

Everyone else is laughing at her straddling me. If only they knew. I pull the blankets over us more, to make sure no one sees what’s happening. She looks me in the eyes and pushes her ass onto my dick a little more as she smirks.

“Jill,” Greg calls.

She clenches her naked legs down on mine. The sensation is amazing. I rub my hand down her soft, smooth thigh. She feels so gentle and sensual, yet the look she’s giving me is almost dangerous.

“Jill!” Greg interrupts. “It’s your turn!”

“Sorry,” she says with a mischievous grin. “JD’s just being a dick.”

Like I said before, I never really considered Jill as anything more than friend. But now, here, with sex feeling so close, I want her more than any other girl I’ve ever wanted.

It makes so much sense. Jill and I are such amazing friends. We get along so easily, have so much fun together, and god she’s got an amazingly cute booty.

Jill presses her tight ass into my penis periodically, distracting me from what I’m doing. I think she likes to torture me like this. Oddly enough, I kind of enjoy the torture.

The game is moving more slowly now, with more idle conversation between turns. Such as Scott and Greg repeatedly making jokes about anal sex and me fucking Jill, to the behest of Sarah.

The only strategy in this situation is to play innocent.

“Dude this is nothing new for us,” I reply. I feel Jill clench her bum, which rubs my cock and I nonchalantly sigh in response.

“Straddling each other in your underwear?” Greg laughs.

I shake my head. “Like I said before, she’s sat on my lap plenty.”

She subtly caresses my thigh.

“I bet you have a raging woody,” Scott says.

I laugh and tell him to get out his camera if he wants to check.

He just waves it off.

Jill reaches forward for her beer and lifts her ass to the tip of my penis, as she leans back to sit down again she lets the back of her panties slide down the length of my dick.

I’m so horny I’m sweating.

Lucky for me Scott didn’t call my bluff.

“Oh Daddy! Give me that limp peanut,” Jill says in a sarcastic tone, as she bites her lip. We all laugh it off, but the ironic part is they’re right about us right now.

Jill rubs her ass into my dick a bit harder. I think this almost-getting-caught stuff is turning her on. She’s still biting her lip, no longer in a sarcastic manner.

“Can we please stop talking about JD’s penis?” Sarah asks. “They’re our fucking friends you guys.”

Scott and Greg roll their eyes. Guys never get tired of talking about their friend’s penis if they think it may be in a perilous situation.

“JD’s got a woody like this conversation is getting me wet,” Sarah defends.

I wonder for a moment if Sarah is really wet at the moment, because I’m clearly hard as a penis-shaped brick.

I expect Jill to continue tempting me with her ass when suddenly, out of nowhere, she interrupts everything: “I’ve got to use the washroom.” She stands up quickly, pulling one of the blankets away with her, and tossing another one on my lap casually. Luckily, or intentionally, it lands just right to hide my extended penis.

Greg pretends to look the blanket over for signs of an erection buried underneath.

“Do you want to come over here and dig man?” I ask him sarcastically.

He laughs, “Naw I’m just joking man.”

In my head I breathe a sigh of relief.

When Jill returns from the washroom, blanket still wrapped around her waist like a towel, Scott blurts drunkenly out, “You have to go back to straddling him.”

“Okay, okay,” Jill says, pretending to be bothered by that fact.

She carefully positions the blankets and crawls back on the couch with me. Scott and Greg are trying to catch a view of her in her underwear, but she’s meticulous with the blankets, and they get nothing.

Ironically, if she wasn’t so careful, Scott and Greg would’ve been treated to a better view than Jill in her underwear. As she positions herself back on top of me I feel her put something in my hand. I look down.

It’s her underwear.

Holy shit...

I look up and see her naked ass hovering over me, legs spread apart. She stares at me and nods ever so softly, as to not be perceptible by the others.

Implicitly, I understand. She nods as if asking me whether to continue.

I nod back casually.

In the rearranging of the blankets, she expertly unbuttons the fly of my boxers and slides my dick out. She squats over me, her pussy lips hovering just over the tip of my penis and nods again, as if double checking.

I nod again.

She smiles. She gently lowers herself onto my lap; my cock slides into her wet pussy as she does.

It’s all I can do to keep a normal expression on my face.

Three of my friends are sitting around watching her “straddle” me under the blankets, and I have to pretend that nothing is happened.

“This is such a stupid dare,” I tell Scott, referring to the straddling. I figure bluffing has worked thus far to distract everyone from what’s really been going on.

He shrugs.

Jill plunges the entire length of my cock deep into her mound.

“At least the other dares were over at some point,” I continue, trying desperately not to moan.

“Whatever dude,” he says an unimpressed tone. “Just trying to help you.”

I shake my head, continuing the ruse.

Jill leans forward to spin the bottle and raises herself off my dick. She lets out a sigh as she leans back for our second full penetration of the evening.

“Tired?” Greg asks.

“Yeah,” she says, pretending to yawn. She sits down completely, again taking my full length inside her. “Actually,” she continues, “my legs are getting tired from straddling JD for this long.” She starts to push herself up and down, pretending for the group that she’s stretching her legs, while I close my eyes and pretend to yawn at the ecstasy of my hot friend fucking me right there on the couch.

“You’re tired too?” Sarah asks me, in reference to my yawning.

“Uh,” I say, mind cluttered with fucking.

Jill pumps her ass up and down again, and I am forced to hide another gasp with another yawn.

“Yeah,” I lie. “I’m sooo tired.”

“You better be!” Jill tells me as she continues “stretching”.

“I am!” I smirk.

“You guys are weird,” Sarah tells us.

It’s fucked up trying to have normal conversations with your friends while you have sex. Just looking at their faces while Jill fucks me is kind of disturbing. The game continues as Jill slowly, secretly screws me under the blankets.

Every time she thrusts I have to concentrate on breathing normally so that I don’t moan or gasp.

Every time she wiggles her hips I want to push her down on all fours and start ramming her from behind. I want to pull at her hair and rip off her shirt. I want to have her naked and bone her and slap her ass and have her call my name.

But instead, I sit quietly on the sofa, watching my friends spin a bottle and give each other increasingly more boring and uncreative dares. It’s the nature of Truth or Dare to start out strong and get lamer over time, as everyone runs out of risqué dares to give without crossing the line.

After a minute I notice that I’ve been staring at Greg for what feels like forever. I realize it’s starting to feel like I’m having sex with him. I feel a disgusted look creep across my face. He notices my look and pauses. He stops munching on chips and just stares at me.

“What? Dude do I have chips all over my face or something?” he asks me.

“No!” I exclaim, now with a more confused and awkward look on my face.

“Uhhh...” He’s still staring at me, totally confused as to why I’m making faces, so I quickly look over to Sarah.

“Yeah?” she asks.

“Huh?!” I respond instinctively. My mind is fully on the thrusting vagina which is currently enveloping my penis and not on who I’m talking to.

“What is it?” she asks.

“What?” I reply.

“I don’t know. What do you want?”

Jill pumps again in secret. I can’t think right now.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“You looked at me?” she says. “What, do, you, want, J, D?!”

“A guy can’t look?” I reply.

“O... K...” she says and turns away from me.

Jill pushes back down and I gasp ever so quietly under my breath.

I’m still staring at Sarah, unable to formulate a plan of where to look next.

“What?!” she repeats. “Stop staring at me man!”

“JD,” Jill says, “stop being weird.”

“Nothing,” I say, as I turn away from Sarah.

I almost moan instinctively from the sex.

In my mind I start to try and predict how this is going to end. Unfortunately, I start to think more and more that this is going to end badly.

The game goes on. Truths have dropped out of the game. We’ve run out of things to ask each other. Dares are getting sloppy and lazy too, especially from me and Jill. It’s like we’re highly distracted, probably because we are.

Jill keeps yawning and stretching her arms. I’ve been secretly squeezing her ass under the blankets for a while now. I’m trying not to do it too much, in case I rouse a reaction out of Jill. She’s already had to fake a few hiccups when I’ve squeezed her too hard or too suddenly.

“I dare you to answer the truth,” Greg tells Sarah.

Sarah rolls her eyes.

Jill keeps finding weak excuses to move her ass. She reaches for chips, her drink, the bottle, even when it’s not her turn, she reaches forward to pass it to the next person. And every time she leans forward she lifts her pussy up and then back down on top of my throbbing cock.

I’m trying to look normal, but it’s getting worse the more we fuck. At first I could hold it together quite well. But now I’m getting too close to cumming. I have to concentrate on being subtle. I almost want to tell Jill to stop, but a big part of me, probably the penis, doesn’t.

Jill thrusts a few more times. Every time she thrusts on top of me, I hold my breath. Despite trying to feign normality, I have a look of forced concentration. I probably look like I’m trying real hard to push out a shit.

I briefly consider the irony that Jill and I refused to make out with each other earlier in the night. Yet here we are sneakily fucking under blankets in front of our friends.

I want so badly to squeeze her tits or kiss her neck. But I have to settle for more squeezing of her ass and rubbing of her naked thighs instead.

It’s Scott’s turn to give Greg a dare.

“Make out with Sarah,” he says.

“What?!” Sarah exclaims. “No!”

“Fine,” Scott replies, “Take off your top Sarah.”

“You’re supposed to give Greg a dare!”

Scott sighs. “Honestly... I have nothing left.... Have sex with Sarah.”

Jill slowly peers back at me at those words and we both give each other a quick smile. I squeeze her ass, hard. She slowly clenches her vagina down on my penis. I’m always amazed that girls can do that.

I gasp a bit under my breath, so does she.

Suddenly, Sarah jumps up in a moment of inspiration. “Wait!” she proclaims. “I’ve got it!”

“What?” Greg asks.

Sarah leans over and whispers in Greg’s ear.

Greg laughs. “Really?”

“What’s the dare?” I ask.

“Ok?” Sarah asks Greg.

“I mean, are you sure? It’s too easy,” he says.

“It will be funny,” she tells him.

Jill takes this moment of distraction to get a few good thrusts in. She yawns again to hide another moan. God!

Greg leans over and whispers something to Scott.

Scott leans back, “Yeah that’s pretty good. Okay do that.”

Greg nods.

Sarah smiles, “Excellent.”

Despite the carnal lust I’m currently engaged in, I still try to maintain the semblance of normality with my friends. “What’s the dare?” I ask again.

“Yeah, what’s the dare?” Jill asks nonchalantly.

Greg turns to us, “I have to take a picture of you two.”

“That’s it?” Jill asks.

“Well,” he says, “you have to stay like that.”

“Like what?” I ask.

“Exactly as you are now. Her straddling you.”

“Ok?” I reply, still not understanding how this is really even a dare.

“It’s an incriminating photo,” Sarah says.

Jill and I look at each other; Sarah doesn’t know the half of it.

Jill pushes my dick further into her pussy and gives me a devious smile. I’m now convinced that having our friends here is turning her on. Hell, she is my friend. This whole situation is the epitome of sneaky, naughty sex. Somehow I sense that having a picture taken is only heightening the mood for her.

I just hope she doesn’t orgasm on camera.

We both shrug, pretending to be indifferent, like we’re not in the middle of fucking each other.

“This seems like more of a dare for us,” Jill says, “but ok.”

Greg picks up the camera and aims at us.

“Let me get in a better position,” Jill says, which is really a secret excuse to casually do me a bit more before the photo. She moves her hips around my dick and leans back for the photo.

“Say cheese guys,” Greg tells us.


We both smile.

And smile.

And smile.

But the flash doesn’t come.

It’s our fault really. In some weird, twisted way, the fact that we convinced our friends that nothing was going on under the blankets is our fault. We were too good at bluffing, too convincing in our lies, too sneaky in our sex.

Despite all the jokes and accusations of naughty business between Jill and myself, no one really suspected anything. Maybe it was years of very sexual flirting that never led anywhere, or maybe it really was our convincing testimonials, but our friends didn’t suspect a thing. And that just makes this next part all the worse.

We wait and wait and wait for a flash that doesn’t come from Greg’s camera.

Finally, I shout through a strained smile, “Take the picture!”

And that’s when Greg hit’s us. “It’s a movie,” he informs us.

“A movie?” I ask confused, smile now dropped, as some part of me knows what’s coming.

“Yup!” Sarah exclaims. “Surprise!”

And with that Sarah and Scott grab our blankets and toss them off of us! The blankets fly up and away. In the slow motion replay you could see our faces instantly turn as white as cum guzzling ghosts the second that Sarah shouts “Surprise!”

Jill and I, both too shocked to react, just watch the blankets fly away. The blankets, which protected our dirty secret fuck session from the rest of our friends.

This was the dare: to get an embarrassing shot of Jill straddling me in her underwear. But they get more than they bargained for.

The blankets fly off of us in a heartbeat. Before I fully even realize what’s going on, my three friends are standing there, staring at my penis, buried deep in Jill’s pussy, my hands fully clenched around Jill’s naked ass, while Greg films the entire debacle.

The briefest of laughter from our friends suddenly dies as they realize what we’re doing, what we have been doing for most of the night.

“OH MY GOD!” Sarah exclaims.

“Whoa! Shit dude!” Scott yells.

Greg slowly looks up from the camera’s view screen to look at us directly, speechless.

Jill and I both just sit there frozen, like two deer caught fucking in headlights. Jill’s mouth is literally hanging open. I can’t speak. And I mean I can’t speak. I try to say something, anything, but no words come out.

“Ba Bub Ja,” I mumble. The speaking part of my brain has shut off.

Everyone is staring at us. I can feel Jill trembling. I can’t tell if she’s more angry or shocked or embarrassed.

I feel my dick going limp inside her.

Greg lowers the camera. “Uh... we didn’t know,” he says apologetically.

Sarah and Scott are both just staring at us still, locked in our sex pose.

Then my words come back. “It’s okay,” I say to Greg with a blank stare in a numb tone. “No worries man.”

It’s not the same as walking in on two people fucking... there’s no door to awkwardly close and exit through here. The blankets are strewn across the floor now. Everyone just stares, dumbstruck.

Truth or Dare doesn’t necessarily lead to sex or orgies, but it raises the sexual energy in a room, and so it’s a step in the right direction. Jill and I just decided to take a leap that night. Too bad it ended a little unsexily.

“We’re fucking,” Jill blurts out.

Sarah nods. “Yeah... yeah you are...”

When I told this story to my friend, he called me a liar. Then he asked me if I ever got to fuck Jill again, for real.

Despite not believing the story, or at least, claiming to not believe it, my friend kept pestering me, asking me if I ever got to sleep with Jill again.

Funny how everyone always asks that when they hear this story.

The thing with sneaky, naughty sex, is that it’s only fun if you get away with it. People always talk about the thrill of getting caught during sex. But let me tell you, when you get caught having sex, and I mean really caught—not your mom and dad come home and know you’re in your bedroom with your girlfriend and open the door for the briefest of moments and realize you’re doing what they, at some level, knew you were doing, and quickly exit; but your friends, completely in shock at the fact that you’re fucking, and have been fucking, one of your best friends, right in front of them, and the entire revealing realization has been filmed—it’s not hot or sexy or thrilling at all.

If you’re going to be sneaky, or naughty, or sexy, just remember: sometimes friends fuck you, one way or the other.

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