One year a bunch of us went up to a cabin.  Craig brings his new girlfriend, which we all meet, and who seems very nice.  We’re all hanging out in the evening and it’s not very late when suddenly Craig and his girl retire for the night to “sleep”.  Of course, we all know what they are really going to do but whatever, good for Craig.  About half an hour goes by when suddenly we hear a blood curdling scream come from the upstairs bedroom.  We all rush to the stairway and witness Craig’s girlfriend run out of the bedroom, half-naked, yelling incoherently.  Craig looks panicked and shocked and he’s trying to calm her down.  She looks around feverishly and repeatedly demands to know where she is, who he is, and what year it is.  Craig tries to grab her but she shrieks and pushes him back.  She comes barrelling down the stairs and almost attacks one of my buddies.  After more failed attempts to calm her down, she ends up in the kitchen with a butcher’s knife, demanding that we release her; we spend the next hour locked in a stand-off, trying to convince her that we didn’t in fact kidnap her and repeatedly remind her what year it is—as she keeps asking.  As weird as all this is, the next day she wakes up, is completely normal again, and acts as if nothing happened!  When we explain to her what occurred the night before she breaks down crying, and tells us that it’s happened to her before.  It’s called transient global amnesia, and it’s a rare but real disorder in which a person can become suddenly but temporarily amnesic after severe cardiac activity.  When we ask what kind of activity, she tells us sex.  “It’s happened once before, during an extremely powerful orgasm.”  As she continues, we all look over at Craig who has a mixed look of confusion, shock, and pride.  We all had thought that the screaming that first alerted us to everything was Craig’s girlfriend screaming at the shock of suddenly losing her memories but no, as we find out, those screams were her cumming.  She came so hard that she lost her memories... kudos to Craig... kudos.

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