Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Man Stories

The McDonald’s Playland™ Birthday

Before you ever have a real girlfriend, before you ever really know what you're doing around girls, before you ever really are confident in any way, shape, or form, all it takes to score is booze, a wise friend, and a romp in the McDonald's Playland™ on your birthday with a girl who already has a boyfriend.

Sneaky, Naughty Sex

There's just something about Truth or Dare that always seems to lead to trouble. This is the story of a group of friends who start playing said game at a party one boring evening. As the dares become more and more extreme, where will it all lead?

The Party with Penis, Pussy, and Puke

A summer party, a hot tub full of cute girls, an excessive amount of alcohol, and a lot of bad decisions. Why is it that alcohol helps so much with being confident around cute girls but hurts so much in the not-puking department?

The Bad Kind of Sleepover

What do you get when you spend the night at a friend's place after a party? Usually a stiff neck from the air mattress and a bad hangover in the morning. Then again, if you're not the only one sleeping over, you might get something else before the morning comes. This story just proves that no good comes from sleeping beside your buddy's girlfriend.

The Blond Goddess

This is the story of perhaps the worst sexual activity I’ve ever been subjected to. But it was also with the hottest girl I’ve ever been with, and in a public place. So I still keep this memory active in the spank bank. Although when I replay it for spanking purposes, I make it a lot better.

The Rockstar Button

With great power comes great responsibility. Or, if you're drunk, great irresponsibility. This is the story of how power and alcohol lost me the girl, but gave me one of the craziest nights of my life that I will always remember. Well... thanks to the alcohol, a night I will sort of remember.

The Night I Fought Crime and Saved a Girl

Taking the bus on New Year's Eve is a recipe for a very, very unusual night. This is the story of unexpected chivalry, strange encounters on the bus, and finding something good on New Year's.


Pissing is always a lot harder when you're about to explode, drunk as hell, and clad in a skin tight Spiderman costume. Just remember to keep your eye on the prize, don't get distracted, and if things go sideways, don't panic. It's better to keep your cool than to get pissed.

Sloppy Girl

When girls drink too much and invariably become sloppy and inappropriate, it usually falls to us guys to watch out for them. Of course, it helps if you actually know the girl you're taking care of.

The Best Friend

Every guy hates it when a girl tells him he's so great that she can't understand how he's still single. Know why? Because he's always thinking: "Well then why aren't we frikkin' dating?!"

My First and Only Rave

Hanging out at a rave, sober, with the Make Out Bandit and my friend's 18 year old sister... yeah, this was such a greeeeeeat idea.

The First Date Disaster

It begins as good as any first date can, yet ends as poorly as any can. Fate and luck conspired to ruin this night. And no matter what I tried, I couldn't escape the inevitable winds of destiny... so to speak.

The Rival

A man competes against a vibrator for the love of his girlfriend. Or at least, for the sexual satisfaction of his girlfriend. Can man trump machine? Or will he lose the affections of his girlfriend to a dastardly pink penis?

Too Much Girl

Of course it's hard for a guy to admit that his nymphomaniac girlfriend may not have all her marbles... but eventually crazy meets bat-shit nuts and he's got no choice but to fuck her one more time and tell himself that he'll definitely break up with her the next time she does something crazy...

Girl's Night

There’s a reason guy’s don’t attend girl’s night… and this is the story of why.

The High School Party

Being drunk and recently rejected isn’t an excuse to hang around a high school party that you accidentally crashed… but it doesn’t hurt.

Don't Meddle

A constantly fighting couple, a “just friends” date to a wedding, and a lot of miscommunication… what could go wrong?

Man Camping

When you and three of your friends meet four topless girls at a campsite, it really sucks to be the one with a girlfriend back home...

The Hangover Incident

Getting drunk is stupid, but being hung over is worse… especially when you’re girlfriend makes you attend a family affair.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Blog is Back!

After an 8 year absence the blog is finally back! Coincidentally, remember the video that started it all? Reminiscing is fun.

Now when I say "back", I really just mean "back for archival purposes". At the moment I don't know if there will be any new stories. For a long time I thought I'd eventually get around to putting my stories together into a book but I'm far too lazy for that, I have learned. However, rather than let my stories disappear I decided to put them back up for you guys to enjoy. So have it!

I'm in the process of restoring all the great old stories you read all those many years ago. If you're new to this game, Man Stories are a collection of stories I wrote a long time ago about the various dating fails I experienced in my life. Humiliating for me, enjoyable for you. So enjoy them I guess...?

It will take me a while to bring things back to their former glory to bear with me...

In the mean time read the stories and share them with your friends!! I suppose if I got enough new attention I might consider getting back to writing... I dunno... we'll cross that bridge if it comes to it. In the mean time, just enjoy this blast from the past!