The Hair Piece

I have some friends who regularly go cruising for cougars. One night they were out at a bar, and they got some women back to their table. They’d paired up, and my friend was cuddling with this one woman. After a while, she tells him: “Look, I really like you and I want to take you home and have sex with you, but I want to be straight up, I have a hair piece, is that a problem?” My friend thinks for a minute and then says “No, not a problem.” She takes him home, they have sex. Afterward, they’re cuddling and my friend is marveling at her hair. He says: “You know it’s amazing...” She asks, “What’s amazing.” He says, “Your hair. You can't even tell.” She gives him a confused look, “What are you talking about?” He says, “Well, you said you have a hair piece right?” She replies, “I said I have herpes!” He didn’t wear a condom.

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